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Serving Western Colorado. Areas included are Grand Junction, Montrose, Delta, Hotchkis, and all the way up to Carbondale

Specialized Finishes provides residential and Commercial painting and finishing services in Western Colorado.
Interior, Exterior, wood finishing, restoration, and maintenance.
Painting everything from houses, doors, furniture, and you name it.
Have questions about your project? Ask us.

Creative problem solving is our specialty.

•Durable Non Toxic water based coatings are used always on the interior and wherever possible on the exterior.

"Shawn is a meticulous painter. He Clearly loves his job and takes pride in doing it very well. I would Highly recommend him for your next painting job."


                                                                   Kathy McDevvit Aspen Colorado

Who we are

The founder, Shawn Turner, moved to Carbondale in 1997 with the sole purpose of learning this fine art of painting and wood finishing. Having chose painting as a career in 1989, he always strives to advance his knowledge and technique.

Dedicated to his trade, his every attempt is for perfection. Realizing that not everything can be perfect, he has the knack to make projects appear so. Knowing where to draw the line while driving for perfection is difficult. His unique approach to every project is above the rest.

""I chose my career out of the love to make stuff look pretty. Painting did not chose me.Or did it?"

Shawn Turner

(The truth about painting and finishing)


Welcome to the Specialized Finishes website. I would like to thank you for taking the time to read about us.

We are a residential and commercial painting company that delivers a wide array of protective and decorative

coatings on various substrates.

Quality and reliability are our main focus. From preparation to finishing, every step is critical to producing the required end result.


Every project requires special attention. Variables are not a constant in this craft. The substrates, environmental

conditions, color choice, and where the coating will live all tell us the story.

Details such as caulking width and depth will determine if your caulk shrinks and separates over time. I could go on.


If you would like to know more about the process then please contact me below.


If you are just looking to have a quick paint job done cheaply then we are not a good fit for your project. 

House are our largest purchase. We need them to last as long as possible. After the home is built the protection lies on the exterior and also the interior of the structure.

We love all finishing. From repainting your home, faux touch-up repair from a pet or an accident, to machine buffing a dining room table to a fine automotive finish. Color is our challenge along with the Sun. The variables are limited yet the possibilities are endless. Meticulous efficiency is our goal.


Do you have questions about protective coatings for wood surfaces? We have answers. Type of wood? Interior? Exterior? Level of exposure to the elements? Wear and tear traffic use? Does it have previous coatings?

If wood is not initially sealed on all sided before assembly. If this step is skipped the wood will crack, cup, and buckle sooner than you would like.

< Sometimes the light

   hits just right<

>And sometimes industry does not have the tools needed for the project>


Our Promise to our custuomers

... To provide quality, value, and efficiency in every service we offer. We will inform our customers of the
entire process and materials used. We will not allow our customers to be swayed by advertising of materials. Our customers will feel confident and secure in knowing that Specialized Finished has their best interest in mind. We only do it right, not fast and cheap. Quality and professionalism is our main goal.

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584 1/2 Clifton Way Grand Junction Colorado 81504


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