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Find Something you like to do and get really good at it!

My Story

    Painting and finishing have been my lifelong passion. Back in 1989, in the Pacific Northwest, I began working at an autobody shop and fell in love with the feeling of satisfaction I got from every client's "WoW" reaction and the personal fulfillment it brought me. The transformation of something freshly painted is striking, and it's impossible for people not to notice.

    Fast forward to 1997, when I moved to Carbondale, Colorado, and had the fortunate accident of really learning about painting and finishing in Aspen. I was lucky enough to learn on the job.

    In October 2019, I bought a house and moved to Grand Junction.

    In addition to painting, I adore my dog, Hammond, and I'm a huge tech enthusiast. Graphic design and 3D digital asset creation are my hobbies, and I love creating things. I can create videos, shoot videos, and take professional photographs.

Furthermore, I'm a big finance nerd, and economics is my passion. I enjoy studying stocks, crypto, and wealth management. On the side, I'm studying to attain SEC licensing to be a financial advisor for fun. The global economic stage fascinates me.

    My focus is on faith, finances, food, and freedom. By living according to these principles, I hope to share my positive experiences with others so that they too may find fulfillment.


If you want to talk about painting or anything else you may call or email me. Thanks


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