Basic Furniture Refinishing Class

Our Mission Statement

Specialized Finishes offers instructional courses in basic furniture refinishing and repainting designed to provide individuals a unique do it yourself experience.

By bringing their own piece of furniture, cabinet face, or drawer face into our classroom setting they can learn techniques and methods in all aspect of a basic painting or refinishing project.

Together we will design a simple plan to achieve a new clean finished surface without the tedium many associate with painting and finishing.

We will teach participants how to prepare surfaces and substrates, cleaning, sanding, filling, caulking, and priming/sealing, all before paint. Also, will instruct individuals how to use safety equipment used in class. How to be safe in a workshop environment.

I will teach unique methods I have developed over 30 years. You will learn how to be both meticulous and efficient at the same time.

We will teach how to identify, and use tools required. Putty knife, scraper, sandpaper, 5 in 1, brush/roller techniques. Also, how to properly prepare paints and primers/sealers.

How to apply the final coatings with ease to achieve a professional finish.

The participants of our classes will leave with the confidence to preform many more projects in the future.